Normative data for email writing


This data set includes emails from forty two healthy control participants ranging from 16 to 88 years of age (mean = 45.64) and 9 to 24 years of education (mean = 13.36). Three emails were produced by each participant, each within a time limit of three minutes. Emails were anonymised by replacing names, addresses and professions with different names, addresses and professions consisting of the same number of letters. Otherwise, the emails appear exactly as they were written, with no changes to layout, spaces, words, letter case or punctuation. It is expected that this normative data will be useful to clinicians and researchers working with adults with acquired language disorders in assessing email writing.

Keywords: email, neurotypical, control, writing
Academic units: Faculty of Health and Wellbeing (HWB) > Research Centres > Centre for Health and Social Care Research (CHSCR)
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Publisher of the data: Harvard Dataverse
Publication date: 19 December 2014
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